Cocopet makes happy all animals in Sloboda zvierat

We believe that every animal need an attention and love. Most tend to be thankful for it precisely pets which remained adversity alone and abandoned. With Cocopeat team we visited the NGO Sloboda Zvierat Doctor MVDr. Mužíkova and Mrs. Liptáková PR. We were talking about the dogs and cats, which  are comming day after day. Some sad stories been said. These stories may touch each person.
Thats we wanted to contribute to all animal in NGO Sloboda zvierat. We brought Cocopet and delivered directly to MVDr. Mužikovej for feeding them. Outside was a lovely sunny day, so we took two  dogs Luckoš and Marfone for a walk. When we come back from a walk, Cocopet disappeared. MVDr. Mužiková says the Cocopet combined with treats disappeared in minute.The mission was successful. As a part of our visit, we contribute to a signing the petition against animal cruelty. Moreover, we are convinced yourself that more than 200 animals have a daily care, medical treatment and that is the most important – lot of love.